Visual identity and brand for Kunstsilo.

Welcome to the brand guide for implementing the new Kunstsilo identity. As the brand grows and evolves you will find all the latest design principles and assets all here in one place.

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A perspective shifting identity that cements the iconic architecture of the silo and creates a platform for creative expression and communication.

The Kunstsilo brand and identity is a celebration of the silo. Drawing inspiration from the physical forms, both historic and of the new building, the identity brings to life characteristic elements in new ways. The tall proportions, cylindrical forms, striking voids and modernist brutalism have all inspired the creative platform. The brand strategy of 'shift of perspective' comes to life through the core visual elements both visually and in the way we communicate to our audiences.

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Visualisation of Kunstsilo atrium

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Old and new buildings joint with synergy

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Iconic viewpoints from within the silo

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Vertical perspectives of the monolithic structure

The following section introduces the key components that make up the Kunstsilo visual identity.

The following section introduces the key components that make up the Kunstsilo visual identity.


The Kunstsilo logo symbol is a graphic representation of the silo's cylindrical form. The idea of 'shift of perspective' is embodied in the symbol through a distortion in the perception of depth.

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This section outlines the key principles for using the Tangen-samlingen/The Tangen Collection brand assets as a logo or in written form, and also how it should be used when it appears together with the Kunstsilo brand.

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This section includes colour information and key tips for achieving optimal results in implementing the Kunstsilo colour.

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The brands typographic palette is centred around a bold, custom display font named 'Silo Display' that has been created for Kunstsilo.

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Brand Pattern

The Kunstsilo brand pattern/graphic language is derived from both the architectural features of the building and the logo symbol. This pattern can become a powerful visual element to help build the iconic nature of the brand - connecting the institution with the building.

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This section is a living and evolving collection and archive of benchmark design applications, its a useful reference to see how our various graphic elements come together.

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